Markus Schuette

Silicon Slopes | Salt Lake City, UT

Discover the world through videos at Travelfire or crowd-fund your own private island in Nicaragua.

I'm a Front End Developer at Clearlink. You can find me building things for the web, traveling the world, exploring the mountains, or making music. Buy my artwork or check out my blog. You can get in touch with me here, or find me on social media.

Web Development


Watch the best hand-picked travel videos from every country and destination in the world. Follow video bloggers on their adventures around the world and discover new places through the lens of the traveler.

XO Island

Help us crowd-fund a private island off the coast of Nicaragua. This island sleeps 30 people and has a 360 degree beach complete with bar area, showers, swimming pool, sand court, and fishing dock. Claim your piece of XO Island today.

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